A little game called ‘Anthem’

This weekend I spent some time playing the open beta of ‘Anthem’ – a multi-player role playing video game set to be released later this month.

I didn’t do the tutorial of ‘how to play’ and just jumped right in. If you play shooter games then some controls are very natural and not hard to figure out. I did like the heads up display (HUD) that showed your special abilities and what to press to activate those. While the mission seemed to take forever, I do have to admit that it was fun. The game reminds me of Destiny and Warframe – although I’m sure there are plenty of people who will disagree and they will throw all sorts of ‘geeky’ reasons why this is not the case. But to me, a game where I collect resources and open treasure boxes reminds me of Destiny and the open, sprawling word and third-person perspective reminds me of Warframe.

The demo was enough fun enough to convince us that we need this in our lives.

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