A Peek Inside my Amazon Pantry Box

This weekend I was desperately avoiding the grocery store. I turned to Amazon to help fill the gaps in my pantry. While I have ordered a pantry box before, this was my first on filling more with actual food products that we eat on a weekly basis.

Here is the pantry box opened and before I unpacked anything. As you add items to your box, Amazon will tell you how full your box is. Only items marked as Amazon Pantry items are eligible to be delivered this way. My box was about 80 percent full so there was a fair amount of packing.

Inside everything was well packed. All the canned goods had their own special compartment and no items were placed on top of the chips. I had 17 items for a total with shipping just under $70. One of the reasons I had wanted to do a pantry box is that I didn’t want to go to the store. It seems I cannot walk into a grocery store without spending at least $100.

Will I buy again?

Because of the ease of buying and fast shipping, I am thinking about doing a pantry box every two weeks for mostly the canned goods. My goal is that if I have to go shopping that I stay on the outside lanes where the produce, dairy, and meats are located. That should cut down my shopping time. Definitely will buy another pantry box. I am sure it will save me time and us money in the long run.

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