Bulk deleting old emails in Gmail

Today I learned how to massively delete emails. Remember when Gmail was new and they said you would never run out of space? There was always that numerical count up to the new space you were requiring each and every second. Well it looks like we’ve reached the end, and it’s apparently 15 gigs which is an enormous amount.

I use Google Drive a lot. I noticed that I had used 13 gigabytes of my 15.  I was concerned since I have begun using Google Drive more, so I knew I needed to reduce that number.

Looking into it further, 10 gigabytes of that used was from Gmail. Now I have had a Gmail account since about 2003. I also have about 5,000 unread emails that are mostly junk. So I have plenty of emails that can be deleted. I just didn’t want to delete them one page result at a time.

So naturally I Googled my problem and found the solution.  From the Gmail search, if you click the down arrow you are presented with some search options. I knew that I probably did not need any of my emails before 2010, so I searched for emails before that date and then selected all of them. Next at the top of the search list, I clicked Select all conversations that match this search. Then I just selected delete and then waited for a few minutes staring at the working message in Gmail. I deleted the trash since messages sent to the trash are purged after 30 days. There were 60,000 plus messages! I freed up over 2 gigs! Whew. I like having a little breathing room when it comes to space.

I plan to delete more but will probably do smaller amounts sorting through to make sure I do not delete anything of importance.

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