In Search of Fresh Bread

To me there is nothing better than homemade bread. I do have a bread maker that I haven’t used in years but that’s beside the point. When I have used it, that warm, soft bread was the best I have ever eaten. Maybe it is because I know just how good fresh bread can be that I always want to buy the freshest loaf.

The colored bread ties actually have a meaning. Bakeries make the bread and then use a colored bread tie that marks the day of the week the bread was made. The problem with this system is bakeries have their own system. One bakery may use green ties for Friday’s bread while another bakery uses green ties for bread made on Monday.

It was fun when I shop and the bread is being put on the shelf. Then I get to unlock a piece of the colored ties for the local bakery. After a while, it became quite tedious and unreliable as bread that should have been  fresh just didn’t seem that fresh.

Last week when I bought bread, there was something different and exciting about the packaging. On the top in easy to read lettering were the words “best if used by” followed by a date. Now I need no longer worry about bread tie colors; I just need to check the date on the bread. As I had long suspected, the bottom row had the fresher bread. One row had a best used date of March 9th while the bottom row was March 13th.

I felt really good about procuring the freshest loaf possible but was disappointed when I actually opened the loaf. The bread was not as fresh as I had expected. Now I am at a loss as to how to get a really fresh loaf of bread. There is always that bread maker…

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