Little Ways to Save Money

The best way to save money is to not to spend it. How not to spend money? Well that’s easy. Just don’t go anywhere that sells anything. It’s probably best to stay off the Internet since there are so many sites that sell items.

That’s terrible advice and I’m mostly joking. Although it is true, we just can’t live isolated or there will be times when we have to go buy stuff. I’m going to offer up some little ways that I have been saving money where you don’t even miss the money. Granted these methods take time to actually build enough money to really get excited about. But still, if you can tuck away money that you won’t miss, then eventually it adds up.

Laundry Money

Since I do 95% of the laundry, any money that is found in pockets or in the washer/dryer, I claim. Most of the times it just money that was forgotten about, so I put it in my change jar. My aunt used to do this and in time she accumulated enough money to buy a new washer. Granted she had six kids, so if you have a large family this could be a pretty good ‘free money’ deal.

Found Money

While laundry money is technically found money, this money is more of what you might find when cleaning. If I have to pick up after you and I find money in the process, it’s mine. It can be maddening to constantly pick up after your family members so this is how they repay me.

Save your $5 bills

This is something I have started recently and that is to save $5 bills. There are countless ideas floating around about how to save more of your money. This one I liked because $1 bills are too handy with vending machines and $10 or more would be too much to save considering I usually only have a maximum of $20 cash at any given time.

Put Yourself on an Allowance

Here is another strategy we have just started – giving ourselves a monthly allowance. When the allowance it gone, so goes our extra spending. I’ve been trying to spend less so that I can ‘bank’ the leftover allowance. Budgeting is hard but really does help with so much.

Those are a few ideas that I have been trying out. I’m also trying to make saving a game. It’s fun to see how much money is in the account the day before payday. It’s like free money! Also I try not to go shopping unless I have a list. It really does help to stay focused and to not but items you don’t need.

Those are some of things I am doing. What are you doing to save money?

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