Single Tasking Day

February 22 is Single Tasking Day. This is a weird holiday I can really get behind. I like to think that I can multi-task but really I can’t. Maybe at one time (when I was younger) I could handle multiple tasks at the same time. Now I find trying to do more than one thing at a time is maddening.

I read an article recently that said when we switch tasks that we actually lose some of our focus. I started noticing this. The more times I stopped doing something to go to something else, the less I could concentrate on the new task. It was really liberating to read that this was something others experience because I was beginning to wonder if I just didn’t want to do these tasks and that was the reason I couldn’t seemingly focus.

It is a good reminder that we do better when we just focus on one task at a time even when we have several tasks to accomplish during a day.

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