Socks and Laundry

Let’s talk about socks. Exciting topic I know. You are so glad you clicked on this story. But hear me out. Here are some ways to make laundering socks a little easier.

Losing Socks

I have lost several socks while doing the laundry. If I’m not losing socks, then one colored sock always get washed more frequently than the match. I’m not sure how I manage this but it always seems to happen. I have six red socks and none are the same shade of red.

There is a simple solution to keep your socks together. Buy some safety pins and pin your socks together when you take them off. Safety in numbers, right? Girls usually take a girlfriend to the restroom with them. Why? That’s right. Safety in numbers. It really does work!

Safety(PINS!) in Numbers

You can buy a pack of safety pins for a few dollars. I keep the safety pins in a trinket box close to the area where I take off my socks everyday. I have safety pins in the bathroom, bedroom, and living room. This way when I take off my socks, I know exactly where a safety pin is, ensuring that I keep up with pinning them together.

Another advantage of pinning your socks together is when you do laundry, the match for the sock is already there. Matching socks can be tedious and the worst part of doing laundry. Pinning your socks may be time consuming, but the time it’ll save you time since you will not have to search for the matching sock.

Another alternative for laundering socks

Finding matching socks got so bad at our house that we just started wearing whatever we could find. Who has the time to match socks? My daughter hasn’t worn matching socks in years. It’s the trend in school now to not wear matching socks. Who knew my laziness would actually make my daughter trendy?

Same socks

Another sock strategy we have is just buying all white socks. A match is easy find if all the socks are the same. There’s nothing that feels better on my feet than cotton socks. White socks are the way to go for 90% of my socks.

Laundry is a big enough hassle without having to spend a lot of time on socks.

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