This Week I Geeked Out Over [IGOO]

Welcome to the first ever edition of I geeked out over of IGOO for short. Each week I will be sharing what I geeked out over from the previous week. Enough explanation? Good! Let’s get started.

#1 Binge NetFlix Watching Bates Motel

Have you seen The Bates Motel? This popped up on my Netflix menu and I was intrigued not enough to watch it but interested. Then some friends were talking about how they were enjoying the series. Now I was more interested, so I started watching season one and was immediately hooked. The writing is good but the actors just do a great job of making these characters real. There are five seasons with each season consisting of ten episodes that lasts about 40 minutes. At one point in season four, everyone is happy. I seriously considered to stop watching there and just let these characters have a happy ending. Alas I did finish season five Saturday morning. What an emotional roller coaster. Sad it is over but grateful that I watched it.

#2 Amazon Pantry Box

Earlier this week I gave a peak inside my Amazon Pantry Box that I ordered when we were running low on some pantry staples. The box arrived just in time and saved me a trip to the grocery store at least for a few more days. It seems I can’t get out of Wal-Mart without spending $100 so to be able to order items through this Amazon service actually saves me money. Even though items have to be marked pantry to be added to the pantry box, I was able to nearly fill a box. I may order another box this week or at least begin to fill one up to purchase later.

#3 Destiny 2 Iron Banner

I don’t geek out that much about video games. I am a bonafide casual gamer except when it comes to Destiny. I can play Destiny for hours. The Iron Banner is a week-long player vs player(PVP) event. The more you play, the better chance you have to get special weapons and gear. It’s nice because the husband plays. Quality time in the crucible(the area of the game where PVP matches are held). Iron Banner is held monthly.

#4 Farm to Table Restaurant

We met friends in Austin to eat at Jack Allen’s Kitchen. It is a farm to table restaurant. Not only was the food amazing, but the atmosphere was just lovely. We stayed for hours visiting while the staff was so accommodating. A note that we did have reservations, so if you are going do that because it was pretty packed(Friday evening). I cannot wait to go back. Look at this great view:

That was the geeky highlights of the week. The format for these posts may change as this is still a work in progress. Excited to see what next week may bring.

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