This Week I Geeked Out Over Movies

This week was  a good one for us. My husband and I took off Friday as sort of a mental health day and to do something fun together. We decided to go see a matinee. Then as a family we went to the movies Sunday. Oh and Saturday we finally got around to watching a movie we bought about a month ago. I love movies so this was a great long weekend.

Friday was the opening day for Super Troopers 2. Ever since their crowd funding campaign we had been excited to see this released in theaters. This movie did not disappoint and was worth the wait. I hope that the wait for Super Troopers 3 isn’t as long(being optimistic here!). If you enjoyed Super Troopers, then Super Troopers 2 should be on your movie list.

Saturday we watched at home Thor: Ragnarok.  With the next Avengers movie coming out really soon, we wanted to get Thor watched before seeing it. Of course I love all comic book movies pretty much so yeah, loved this one, too.

Sunday we watch in the theaters The Cats Return which was a special screening. It’s a Japanese animated film from Studio Ghibli. We saw the dubbed version because we are not much into reading while watching a movie. No surprise being a Studio Ghibli fan, I loved this one, too.

So it was a great geeky week filled with movies.

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