Will it wash? Items that I’ve washed and still work

I am not sure how many loads of laundry I have done but I can tell you that throughout the years I have unintentionally washed many items. Surprisingly there are many items that made it through the wash (more than once!) unscathed. Here are the few items that I have washed in the washing machine and everything worked out fine.


My husband has the cleanest wallet. For a while it seemed I was washing his wallet every time I washed his jeans. The first time I washed his leather wallet he freaked out a little thinking it was ruined but no it survived. While it is not recommended to wash leather, his wallet help up pretty well. I think it did finally fall apart after the fifth washing. It was also old, so I’m not saying that washing it repeatedly was the only factor in its demise.


How I love finding money when I was clothes because it is mine. I think of it as a tip for doing your laundry. Sadly we have come to use debit cards for practically everything, so I never find cash while doing laundry. Money holds up to being laundered nicely. It is made out of cotton so that makes sense the you could wash it without any issues. Still there’s something exciting about clean money.


My husband carries a rosary with him at all times. When he doesn’t empty his pockets and I don’t check, everything gets washed. The rosary washes up pretty well.


This one surprised me in that the lid did not come off. But the lid stayed on and apparently created a waterproof seal because the chapstick was fine. I was glad to see that this one was OK after I realized I had washed it thinking I would just have to redo the whole load again.


I have had mixed results when washing pens. While some have leaked and just made a mess, others have come out of the wash with no issues. So yeah those pens that leak? We don’t buy those anymore. Can’t take any chances although I’m much better these days about checking pockets before putting clothes into the washer.

Apple Earbuds

Apple earbuds rank up there as some of the best earbuds we’ve ever had which made me really sad the day I found them in the washer while transferring clothes to the dryer. My heart sank as I was working up the courage to tell my husband who used them everyday at work that I had accidentally ruined favorite earbuds. But they still worked! Whew! Unrelated but sort of related, I had a textbook that said to clean your keyboard just place it in the dishwasher which my teacher thought was crazy. But never (well I guess now they are just keyboards!) keyboards are really built to withstand coffee spills and other liquid dousing.

So there are a few things that I have washed not on purpose. What has made it through your washing machine and lived(or worked!) another day?


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